Community Advocate, Fall 2012

Chad Yesue

General business description: Joy-Den opened as a small store in 1986 and has grown to become a high end retail jewelry store specializing in fi ne jewelry and on site jewelry repair. In addition to me, we have a skilled staff who have extensive experience in the industry, including former Joy-Den owner Joyce Marino (27 years), Christine Cuthbert (27 years), Bonnie Sannacandro (20 years) and Mike Sannacandro (17 years).

Background: Since I was a young child I have always had a passion for jewelry. Growing up in my family’s business, next to Joy-Den Jewelers, I spent a great deal of time watching Joyce’s business grow and knew I wanted to be part of it. After graduating Hudson High, I attended North Bennet Street School and earned a degree in jewelry making, repairs and gemstones. I started working as an apprentice at Joy-Den at the age of 14 and became manager after graduating college. A major turning point for me came when I had the opportunity to purchase the business a little over six years ago.

I learned the most about running a business: from former owner Joyce Marino and my parents who have run a successful business for over forty years.

What makes your business unique or outstanding?: The ability to have a customer bring in a sentimental piece of jewelry to be repaired or re-designed without the worry of their heirloom piece leaving our sight. With the original staff of employees, we have maintained a very trustworthy, friendly and honest atmosphere and our fi ve jewelers are all well equipped to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Most people would be surprised to know: That at a downtown, individually owned jewelry store offers such a wide variety of cutting edge designs and one-of a kind pieces. Our customers range from longtime Marlborough residents to our expanding clientele of professional hockey players.

What is your most popular product or service?: There is not any one particular product. Our inventory is constantly growing and changing to keep up with the latest styles, yet we also maintain a great supply of timeless pieces. As for services, customers really appreciate our ability to repair jewelry on site. It could be as simple as fi xing broken rosary beads at no charge to setting a $100,000 diamond.

What is your specialty?: We offer personalized attention and care of everyone that comes into the store.

The best advice I ever got was: To put out an excellent product at a fair and honest price and have the customer leave with a smile on their face.